Welcome to the Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association!

The Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association (EJOPA) offers a vast amount of essential information about the Eclipse 500 and Eclipse 550 aircraft for owners, pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want to learn more about this incredible aircraft.

Our membership currently represents 60% of the Eclipse Jet fleet. In the last 12 months EJOPA gained 88 new paid members, and judging by the questions on our forums, many of our new members are either prospective buyers or new owners of Eclipses; it is especially exciting to see the transition of a new member asking about buying a plane, then asking new-owner questions!

Our 2015 EJOPA Annual Convention was held in beautiful Charleston SC in May. We are in planning stages for the 2016 convention, which will be held in Coeur d'Alene, ID June 8-12th.

We welcome all of our new members and encourage anyone interested in buying this fantastic aircraft to join and learn more about the plane to help with your purchase decision.

If you want to talk to Eclipse owner before joining (about the plane, ownership etc), please fill in this form and a volunteer member will reach out to you.

Association members have contributed more than 49,000 posts to the forum covering every subject matter including safety, training, operations, parts, service, modifications and much more . This is the most extensive body of information and reference material that anyone could imagine concerning the Eclipse 500/550 aircraft, making the EJOPA the perfect place for Eclipse owners, pilots and potential owners.

It only costs $125 to join and get immediate access to all the forums and extensive library of materials, including system training videos. Click here to join today!