EJOPA 2016 Convention in Coeur d'Alene, ID - Best Convention yet!

The 2016 Convention is now in the books, and as always it was the best convention yet! You can find summaries of many of the seminars in the 2016 Convention forum.

The 2017 Convention will be held in Amelia Island, Florida May 31st - June 4th 2017.

Seminars included

  • ONE Aviation Chairmanís Report
  • Ask ONE Aviation Management Q&A
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Update
  • Exploring Aviation Insurance Policies - What to expect from all those words
  • Current Status Of The Light Jet Market
  • Eclipse Technical Report & Update
  • Ask Eclipse Engineering/Technical Q&A
  • Insurance Update
  • Eclipse Engineering Encounter
  • Eclipse Tribal Lore... Important Things Your Instructor Didn't Tell You
  • "Sled Driver" by Brian Shul
  • Loss Of Control - How to Avoid Expecting Too Much from your Eclipse
  • Flying Your Eclipse With STYLE
  • Avoiding a Difficult IRS Exam
  • Eclipse Hot Topics
  • Maintenance Round Table
  • Departure Procedures ó What You Need To Know To Depart Safely IFR
  • Pilot In Command Attitude, Awareness And Authority
  • Integrating Professionalism; Controllers And Pilots Working Together
  • Eclipse Training Update & Panel Discussion Q&A
  • Skew - T / Log -P Charts
  • New & Prospective Owner Q & A