About the Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association

The Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association (EJOPA) is a non-profit organization that offers its members a vast amount of essential information about the Eclipse 500 and Eclipse 550 aircraft, and is dedicated to interests of Eclipse owners and pilots.

The association was originally formed by Eclipse Aviation Company in the summer of 2006 (then known as Eclipse Owners Club). Eclipse selected three position holders - David Crowe, Dan McElroy and Ken Wolf - to serve as the first co-chairmen and take on the responsibility of putting together the club. The three, along with the help of position holder David Green, put together a Mission Statement and presented it at the October 2006 Eclipse Owners meeting.

In November of 2007, the club became a totally separate self funding entity under the management of the members. Dues of $125 per year for full membership were put into effect and a 5 person board made up of elected members conduct the business of the club.

Anyone can join the EJOPA by paying dues and have access to all the forums and activities of the association. Eclipse owners, Eclipse rated pilots and Lifetime members are the only members eligible to vote and hold office.

This EJOPA website serves as a hub for interaction and communication between all the members, highlighting educational articles, news, and activities of the EJOPA, as well as host a forum where all EJOPA members can candidly discuss any and all subjects having to do with the Eclipse 500 and 550 aircrafts.

This is YOUR club. Please read the EJOPA Mission Statement and then join today. We look forward to your lively participation!



The Eclipse Jet Owners and Pilots Association will:

  • Bring together like minded individuals to share the joy of aviation and the delight of flying the Eclipse aircraft.
  • Foster the highest levels of safe Eclipse aircraft operations.
  • Provide a timely, thorough and unvarnished two-way communication link between One Aviation and Eclipse owners and pilots covering all aspects of the Eclipse aircraft and its operation.
  • Provide an education forum and information exchange for Eclipse pilots and owners on all aspects of the Eclipse aircraft.
  • Serve as general aviation role model by benefiting the communities where we work and live.

To accomplish this, the EJOPA will:

  • Establish a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship with One Aviation and key representatives of the aviation community.
  • Meet with representatives of One Aviation on a regular frequency.
  • Provide an exclusive web-site for timely and valuable information exchange among EJOPA members, Eclipse Aerospace, and aviation professionals.
  • Host periodic events where members can:
    - Meet and enjoy each others company, and share insights and information.
    - Attend educational and informational seminars from knowledgeable experts.
    - Receive hands-on instruction in the safe use and maintenance of the Eclipse.
  • Participate in charitable activities benefiting the aviation community and society.

The Key VALUES of the EJOPA are:

Uncompromising Safety
Proactive and Continuous Education
Open and Frequent Communication
Passionate Community Involvement